Sunday, 18 May 2014

The 10 Cases, Covent Garden

It’s finally very sunny.  I’ve ditched the black opaque tights.  People are spilling out onto pavements this weekend, and everyone is generally in a much better mood.

Friday plus the sunshine was the perfect reason for an alfresco lunch.  J had been raving about 10 Cases, so we nabbed a table outside.  It’s been there on Endell Street for a few years, and the name comes from the ever-changing wine list – they only ever buy ten cases of each wine, and when it’s gone, it really is gone.

Wine featured at lunch.  Four kinds no less.  A light sparkling, dry Riesling, pretty pink (not sweet) rose, and another made from sherry grapes (I think).  I should have made a note of each, but chances are there might be new cases on the list anyway.

The menu is made up of small and larger plates (small £5-£10 ish, large £15-£20ish).  We started with the charcuterie board, with rows of excellent smoky chorizo, salami and Parma/Serrano type ham (meant to check which), dinky radishes and pickled artichoke hearts.  The padron peppers were perfectly charred, with a spicy sprinkling on top, and the squid came as delicious long curls with a beetroot relish.

From the larger plates, the first was beautifully spring green, with pearly halibut on top buttery asparagus, slivers of pickled cucumber and a green sauce.  The salad of pork cheek, bacon and poached egg was just that, with the three things on top of the lettuce.  A little strange as a combination, but the pork cheek was very tender indeed.  A little bowl of courgette fritters on the side came crumbed in polenta, apparently not as light as usual, but still tasty nonetheless.

The fourth type of wine clearly needed a plate of cheese.  The selection was well-chosen (including a gooey St Marcelin, ash-coated wedge, and tangy cheddar), all with a sticky/sour cherry chutney.  A few tiny blips in the food, but I loved 10 Cases, especially the wine (because of the wine drank, and the great selection – the staff are really knowledgeable and happy to recommend).  Grab a table outside in the sun and work your way through the list this spring/summer.

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  1. Hi What Joanna Ate!

    We are a property company situated in the West End that produce an annual restaurant guide containing restaurants that are situated in our properties.
    This year, we are using bloggers reviews as opposed to critics reviews and if possible, would like to use a review that you have written for 10 Cases.
    Would you be kind enough to let me know if it is possible to use the review? Obviously we would credit you and send you a copy once printed.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    Fiona Daly